An Analysis Of Fast Systems Of Auto Towing Tyler

By on 2-15-2019 in Automotive, Business

There are two ways to manage truck fleet maintenance. One is to have a dedicated department within the company to handle all the tracking and service as well as repairs. This level of internal maintenance will involve a very huge operation to manage. To justify the inclusion of a maintenance department that is able to handle all the requirements of the entire fleet, requires that the fleet have at least 40 trucks and trailers. Anything less than this, it would make better financial sense to have the trucks maintained by an outsourced maintenance service.

Outsourced Truck Fleet Maintenance

To outsource the truck fleet maintenance means to be able to cut down the size of the overall operation and have the truck company just manage the operations of the fleet. This increases the focus of management and usually tends to lead to better profitability. From a business perspective, focusing on only the scheduling and running of the trucks and allowing the attention to be paid to quality of service and customer needs keeps the key success factors of running a trucking business front and center. By outsourcing this intensive area of the trucking business, maintenance can also be handled efficiently. There are national chains of truck maintenance that will be able to remotely manage a string of repair centers and schedule each truck for service where ever they happen to be, in the event there is a need for a maintenance stop.

Specialized Fleet Maintenance

Maintenance and overhaul centers keep track of trucks using specialized software and satellite positioning. By having tracking sensors installed on the truck and software to automatically monitor them, a number of parameters are effortlessly tracked. For instance, it is possible to monitor the running time of the engine and the mileage that is clocked in. Tying this in with the scheduling system, allows the fleet maintenance company to project exactly when the truck will be due for inspection or service. This makes the entire operation smooth and appeals to customers better. It also keeps the trucks in superb working order and raises their value at a point they are sold down the road.